Musculo-Skeletal Medicine

(also known as Orthopaedic Medicine)

jointMusculo-skeletal or orthopaedic medicine is the specialized treatment of pain and orthopaedic disability by all methods other than surgery.

Most patients with a problem in this area would rather avoid surgery if possible.

So if you too are looking to avoid an operation if possible, it makes sense to seek help from a type of doctor who is particularly interested in treatment without surgery, in other words a Musculo-Skeletal or Orthopaedic Physician.

To find out more about musculo-skeletal medicine see the websites of the British Institute of Musculo-skeletal Medicine (BIMM), the Society of Musculo-skeletal Medicine (SOMM) and Bupa Musculoskeletal Services (BMS). Dr Watson is a member of both BIMM and SOMM and is mentioned on their websites.

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