Conditions Treated

This is not a complete list of every condition that musculo-skeletal medicine tackles, but it gives an indication of the kind of conditions that can be substantially improved or cured with the right treatment.


sciaticaSpondylosis, fibrositis, whiplash, slipped disc, trapped nerve.


Frozen shoulder, tendinitis, arthritis.


Tennis elbow, golfers elbow, arthritis.

Wrist & Hand

Sprains, strains, arthritis, teno-synovitis.


Spondylosis, chronic/acute pain of uncertain cause, slipped disc, sciatica, trapped nerve, whiplash.


Arthritis, bursitis, floating fragment of bone/cartilage.


jointArthritis, strained ligaments and tendons, housemaid’s knee.

Ankle & Foot

Pain of uncertain origin, arthritis, metatarsalgia, acute and chronic ligament strain.

Other conditions

Please remember, even if you don’t see your condition here that does not necessarily mean that Dr Watson won’t be able to help treat your pain or condition. Often pain can be complex and be the result of a mix of physiological problems. It may be worth contacting Dr Watson if you are unsure as to whether he will be able to help you or not, to find out what he might be able to do for you in your specific circumstances.