Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment?

Please call 0115 9373603 to make an appointment or to find out if Dr Watson can help you.

The clinic is based near Stanton-On-The-Wolds Golf Club in Nottinghamshire.

What will happen when I arrive for my first appointment?

The first appointment (and all subsequent appointments) will be with Dr Watson and will last up to one hour. In that time you will be asked in detail about your pain and he will carry out a medical examination. He will then discuss your diagnosis with you and suggest treatment. Dr Watson encourages patients to bring someone with them to sit in, at least for the “talking” part. Two memories are often better than one and the person that comes with you might think of questions to ask that can speed up your recovery.

If appropriate, treatment can be given immediately, as long as that is what you want! Of course, if you decide that you want to go away and think about the diagnosis and make a separate appointment for treatment you are welcome to do so. If you do decide to start treatment at your initial consultation it might be that you only need to see Dr Watson once, as the treatment may be the solution to your pain, saving you time and money. It is Dr Watson’s aim to work around your needs.

How long will I have to wait?

If your problem is urgent Dr Watson will make every effort to see you as soon as he can. In emergencies he can see patients on weekday evenings.

What will happen after my appointment?

Dr Watson will give you specific instructions about what to do and what to avoid in the immediate future. If you were referred by an osteopath, physiotherapist or chiropractor he may suggest that you return to them for after-care if appropriate

What treatment might I get?

Dr Watson sometimes uses acupuncture, manipulation, exercises, stretching and posture correction but some patients have tried these approaches already without success. Therefore a large proportion of these patients with more well-established problems will be offered alternative treatment such as an injection.

Do the injections hurt?

Yes, but not very much. Dr Watson has over 30 years of experience and over the years, has found ways of minimising the pain. He is guided by the patient throughout the procedure and takes into account different pain thresholds. In other words, the patient is in charge. Although every patient is able to abort any procedure at any stage, the number who actually feel the need to stop mid injection is very small: about 1 in 50.Some patients prefer local anaesthetic to be applied to the skin prior to the main injection, while others prefer an analgesic gas (as is sometimes given to women during childbirth) . Different pain relief options will be discussed with you at the initial appointment.

My current doctor has suggested I have an operation but I’m not sure if I should go ahead, can I get a second opinion from you?

Dr Watson is a physician and therefore does not carry out operative procedures, but he can offer an opinion on whether an operation is the best way forward and give advice on exactly what type of operation might work best in your particular situation.

My pain is really terrible. Surely only an operation will help?

Not necessarily. Sometimes, (oddly enough) sciatica which builds up to a crescendo of pain can be easier to treat than a “touch of sciatica”. A detailed individual assessment will allow Dr Watson to give you a reasoned answer.

I haven’t had an X-Ray/MRI scan, so can I still be seen?


For spinal problems, X-rays may well be of limited benefit. Dr Watson began treating spinal problems before MRI scans were available and he is therefore used to using detailed history of the patient and examination to assess the best way forward in each patient’s case. If an MRI is necessary, Dr Watson can arrange this for you either by liaising with your GP or by pointing you in the direction of the least expensive private local scanner. You may decide not to have an X-Ray/MRI scan, this can be discussed at your initial consultation and Dr Watson will let you know if a scan would be helpful in your specific circumstances.

Where will I be seen?

At a recently purpose built clinic in Stanton-On-The-Wolds (Nottinghamshire).

Will I see Dr. Watson himself?


Dr Watson has no deputies or associates in his clinic at the moment, so if you have an appointment at the East Midlands Back and Joint Clinic, it will be Dr Watson who sees you.

Is it expensive?

It costs more than a single visit to the physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor but less than seeing a consultant in a private hospital. Procedures are frequently given as part of the consultation and this almost never happens in the private hospital setting (when you usually have to return on another occasion to have your treatment). Therefore Dr Watson can see you and treat you during your initial appointment, (if this is what you want). In some cases the patient is much relieved after just one treatment and does not need to return. Please also remember that it is rare to see a physiotherapist, osteopath or chiropractor just once.

Will I be covered by my health insurance?

I am recognised by Simply Health and some other Health Insurers. If in doubt, please check. However, I am no longer recognised by Bupa, Axa PPP and Prue Health.

What happens to my data?

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